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We ensure that the expertise of our team is tailored to the needs of your project.

Our network includes experts in

Production/Maintenance Support

Ramp-up and Project Management

Business Process Management

Automotive Qualification Support

Industrial Engineering

Basic and detail design for civil/equipment engineering

Automation L1/L2

Laboratory and Testing

Field Tech Support


GMC LLC was founded in 2012 by Chris Lackinger and Kai Mahnke with the goal of bringing together a team of highly qualified and hand selected experts with extensive operational experience that speak our clients’ language and understand their problems based on own experience.


President & Chairman of the Board


President & CEO

Chris is a senior executive with more than three decades of proven successful leadership in the global steel industry.  His career demonstrates his ability to create the vision and implement strategies in start-up as well as turn-around operations. His broad experience includes general management, operations and technology, maintenance, project management and business development.
He oversaw numerous highly successful projects in the US and Europe which included large-scale plant and production line construction as well as revamps. It is his passion working with diverse cultures across all levels of corporations and projects to drive teams to outstanding results.

Kai is a senior executive with proven leadership success in manufacturing firms in the US, China, Germany and Brazil, highly experienced in optimizing global resources, generating significant cost savings and promoting innovative solutions in complex environments.
He is specialized in start-up and turn-around operations and offers broad experience including general management, strategic planning, manufacturing, information technology and business development.

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