Excerpt of Project References

Permanent representation of European equipment manufacturers in North America

Sales and service of specialty equipment for processing lines
Organization and supervision of local manufacturing

International equipment manufacturer, Germany and USA

Market development in the USA for long product segment
Business process development and optimization for sales and service organization

Steel manufacturer, SE Asia

Technical analysis of a construction project of a thin strip caster / steckel mill

Steel manufacturer, Vietnam

Support in the early planning phase and the pre-feasibility study of a 10m ton integrated mill

International steel manufacturing company, Saudi-Arabia

Operational support
Hiring support

International pipe and tube manufacturing company, Saudi-Arabia

Design of automated cleaning devices

US aerospace company

Business process design of engineering department

European cold rolling company

Strategic project consulting for new plant in North America

International automotive manufacturer, USA 

Consulting for quality assurance of material application

International aluminum manufacturer, USA

Consulting for material competition in automotive industry

Aluminum manufacturer, Russia

Support in staffing of the project team for the construction of a aluminum hot rolling and cold rolling mill

Steel manufacturer, Europe

Reorganization of engineering subsidiary, business process redesign and optimization
Analysis of personnel competencies, subsequent position placement
Analysis and optimization of rolling mill

Steel logistics provider, USA

Support in the development of a greenfield steel logistics center for storage and handling
Development of a transportation and storage strategy for the distribution of imported steel

US aerospace company 

Business process design of engineering department