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GMC represents the following companies in North America
to bring sophisticated technology to our customers in the metals industry.

DUMA-BANDZINK is the industry leading manufacturer of galvanizing and aluminizing systems, electrostatic oilers, zinc pot equipment and zinc ingot charging systems.

DUMA-BANDZINK galvanizing and aluminizing systems are characterized by outstanding coating results using a minimum of Zn/Al layers. Moreover, the equipment is robust in service and easy in maintenance and handling.

The scope of supply comprises cost-effective basic machines to individually customized high-end types implying all features for maximizing galvanizing line capacities as well as simplifying operation.

3tn is a German manufacturer of intelligent warehouse management solutions for the steel industry in Europe, US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

With an implementation base of more than 50 warehouse management and control systems, 3tn is among the leading experts in the area of stockyard management in the steel industry.

AMTEC Kistler is a leading manufacturer of machines and automation solutions for dosing and spraying liquid thin liquid to paste-like media in the automotive industry. AMTEC’s customers include leading international automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We are the technology leader in particular for blank coating systems prior to the deep-drawing process in the automotive pressing plant (so-called spot lubrication machines). The Triboflex system sets a new industry standard here.

Customers from all around the world know the high technical standards and the accuracy that SCHNUTZ brings to the manufacturing of its machinery. SCHNUTZ not only relies on the quality and durability of our machines, but also benefits from its specialist knowledge in the business-critical process of metal-working and metal forming industry. SCHNUTZ responds to its customers’ varied demands with machinery and lines which are always tailor-made to their particular needs, ensuring that they are able to produce the highest quality of precision sheets and strips.

BURGHARDT+SCHMIDT is an international company which has been producing innovative machines and lines for cutting and leveling of thin and delicate metal strips since 1945. The company benefits from its many years of experience in the narrow strip sector and has specialized in the high precision slitting and leveling of metal strips with a delicate surface.